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This module contains routines that support the Citation Style 1 format for citations on Wikipedia.

In general this module is not intended to be called directly, but will be called by using templates such as:

and others: Category:Citation Style 1 templates.

These files comprise the Lua support for CS1 citations:

Lua CS1 pages
  live sandbox description
Padlock-red.svg Module:Citation/CS1 Module:Citation/CS1/sandbox Rendering and support functions
Module:Citation/CS1/Configuration Module:Citation/CS1/Configuration/sandbox Translation and ISO639-1 tables; error and identifier handlers
Module:Citation/CS1/Whitelist Module:Citation/CS1/Whitelist/sandbox List of active, deprecated, and obsolete CS1 parameters
Padlock-pink.svg Module:Citation/CS1/Date validation Module:Citation/CS1/Date validation/sandbox Date format validation functions
Module:Citation/CS1/Suggestions List that maps common erroneous parameter names to valid parameter names

Other documentation: