Zegar nitkowy

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Zegar nitkowy, jest specyficznym rodzajem zegara słonecznego, w którym podstawowym gnomonem jest nitka rozciągnięta pomiędzy dwoma ściankami zegara. Z racji swojego wyglądu, często zwany jest również dyptykiem.

1). Inside the lower leaf is the main horizontal direction dial, with the compass set at one end, and a string gnomon to indicate the actual time. The other end has a time dial in units of Italian hours (0 through 24, beginning at sunset), and Babylonian hours (beginning at sunrise). (2). The inner vertical leaf has two parts. The upper part has a horizontal pin gnomon for measuring the hours of daylight and for indicating the sun’s place in the zodiac. It is marked with nice zodiacal symbols. The lower part has a table of latitudes of various European cities and holes for adjusting the string gnomon for different latitudes. (3). The vertical outer leaf contains the lunar volvelle with brass rotating disk. This dial provides a table in German for converting lunar time to solar time. (4). The horizontal outer leaf is engraved with 16-point compass rose, a brass arrow dial and eight directions in Italian surrounded by decorative floral border.